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The BAA traces its history back to the 1940s as a welcoming place for Western New Yorkers who love the night sky and all things astronomical. Over the years, our member roster has been diverse with interests and talents that vary tremendously. We have telescope designers, telescope makers and telescope users. Members observe visually and image the night sky using a variety of cameras – iPhones, DSLRs, video cameras, webcams, dedicated astronomy CCD cameras – you’ll find them all in operation at Beaver Meadow Observatory. “Pretty pictures” not your cup of tea?… how about getting involved in scientific research? Some members enjoy hunting transitory astronomical events. Did you know that the first amateurs in the world to record the afterglow of a gamma ray burst were BAA members? They captured this rare event with the BAA Observatory’s handmade telescope and a CCD camera that they fashioned themselves. Another member discovered a new supernova in a distant galaxy. Others enjoy the occasional expedition to see eclipses and occultations that last but a moment or two. Some of us just enjoy the chance to be out on a warm summer night under the dark skies of our rural observatory with a comfortable chair, a pair of binoculars and a universe to explore. We even have “armchair” astronomers who prefer the study of astronomical theory to observation.


We have experts and beginners of all ages, both male and female, enjoying discovery and working together to further our understanding of the universe around us. Members share experience and good fellowship through many and varied activities, including monthly club meetings and programs, science outreach at the Buffalo Museum of Science and our own Beaver Meadow Observatory and just sitting back with friends at our summer member star parties. We would love to have you join us. BAA membership is fun, educational and a great value – by far the cheapest accessory one can purchase for a friend or family member with a new telescope. For more information about becoming a member of the BAA please download our club brochure click on the membership tab above.



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