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Origin, History, and Evolution of  the Buffalo Astronomical Association

The Buffalo Astronomical Association traces its history back to the 1930s, the era of the Great Depression, when two

BAA members Ed and Olga Lindberg appear in the Buffalo Courier Express/ July 21, 1968

clubs, associated with the Buffalo Museum of Science, were formed: one to build telescopes, the other to put them to use. Although disbanded during World War II, shortly afterwards the clubs merged into one that has brought astronomy to the Buffalo community ever since – the BAA. We are fortunate that much of our early history has been preserved. We have had archivists who have maintained the association’s records through the decades, including correspondence, newspaper articles, scientific papers written by our members, minutes, astronomy education and, perhaps above all, copies of our newsletter The Spectrum and even a few issues of its predecessors.These newsletters have been digitized and will be archived on our website as an historical record of our activities.

In 1993 the club published The History of the Buffalo Astronomical Association 1947-1993.

Four members, who were active during these early times, contributed to this history from their recollections and from the sources cited above with the appreciation that in time their information would be lost if not recorded promptly. They began their work in the early 1980s, but suspended it for nearly a decade. They were right about the need to be prompt, by that time only two remained. The wish was expressed in the publication that, in the future, others would pick up the cudgel and cover the years since this publication, but that has not yet happened. This history is presented here in the hope that it will be informative to the public, and also will inspire later historians to bring this material up to date.


BAA member Walter Semerau chats with Astromnomical League Convention attedee while BAA member Walt Whyman examines a telescope in the back. Buffalo, NY. May 1967

Beaver Meadow Observatory circa 1973

Beaver Meadow Observatory, North Java, NY. circa 1975

BAA member Tom Dessert welcomes guests to the observatory on Public Night - 1978

BAA member Tom Dessert welcomes guests to the observatory on Public Night – 1978

BAA member Ed Lindberg adjust the 12.5" newtonian telescope in its mount located in the Newstead Observatory. circa 1960's

BAA member Ed Lindberg adjusts the 12.5″ Newtonian telescope in its mount located in the Newstead Observatory. circa 1960’s

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