Beaver Meadow Observatory

The BAA maintains a dark sky observatory on the grounds of the Buffalo Audubon Society’s Beaver Meadow Nature Center in North Java, New York. The facility along with the club’s varied instruments (which include the 20 inch Obsession, one of the largest telescopes for public observing in Western NY) are open to the public on the first Saturday evening of the month from April through October. Public nights are held rain or shine. If the weather does not allow observing, talks and demonstrations substitute for a clear sky.IMG_4596

Members are encouraged to attend our public nights, to assist visitors and to observe with their own telescopes. In doing so, one becomes familiar with the equipment and the operation of the observatory. Once approved by the observatory directors, members can access the BMO year round. You will find club members observing, taking photos, processing images and just enjoying the beautiful setting on most clear moonless nights.


Pictured above is the Clubs Celestron 14 inch Schmidt–Cassegrain which is used to visually observe as well as Image Planets and Deep Sky Objects



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Meetings of the Buffalo Astronomical Association are held on the second Friday of each month from September through June (except for the March dinner meeting). Our meetings generally start at 7:30 pm unless the time is changed to accommodate a special event or speaker. For More Details Click here


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