Outreach Program

Outreach Program


The Buffalo Astronomical Association is actively working to engage the public in the joy of amateur astronomy by providing public outreach events in the WNY area. BAA members have been to schools, civic associations, park areas, and libraries with their telescopes and with their enthusiasm for astronomy to provide opportunities for the public to see and to learn about the sky. The program is currently coordinated by Jim Lehman and Tom Heyer.

Benefits of Outreach

Outreach events not only benefit the public, they benefit the BAA, and they benefit the volunteers. Many times, those who come to the events have never had the opportunity to look through a telescope or to observe the sky. There are many ‘Oh, Wow!’ moments at these events from new observers who have never seen the moon, Saturn, or Jupiter through a telescope. The BAA benefit because some of the attendees at these events may decide to become members of an area club. The BAA is very welcoming to new members and has much to offer (novice meetings, an observatory site, mentoring opportunities). The volunteers benefit too. To participate in a public star party you need to be ready to answer the public’s questions—how far away is Jupiter? Why does that star look red and the other one look blue? Can I see the rings of Saturn? So, it is a learning experience for the volunteers.

How to Request a Star Party or Educational Outreach Event

If your group wants a star party,click here to submit a request.  We will review the request and someone from the BAA will get in touch with you ASAP.

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